Visiting Gross Farms in Sanford, NC

Gross Farms

1606 Pickett Road
Sanford, NC 27332-8506

Our class went on a field trip to Gross Farms.  As soon as I got to school, we put our water in the cooler and carried our lunch with us on the bus.  We went back to our classroom and did “calendar”.  Calendar is where we sit on the floor and go through money, dates, months, time and the weather.

Finally, we got on the bus.  I sat got to sit with Jacob and Joesph.  It seem like it took a long time to get there.  I think it took about an hour.  We thought the bus was driving about 30 m/p/h!

When we got there, mom wasn’t there yet, but Savannah’s dad was there waiting for Savannah and me.  First, we were allowed to go to the playground to play.  I played with my friends from my classroom.

There was also a wooden train, a wooden castle  and a wooden ship to play on.

There was a great big hay bale and some people tried to climb on it but it was TOO big!

On one part of the playground, we rode tricycles that were in a hay track.  It was fun and silly trying to ride tricycles at 7 years old.

  I rode on the tricycles a little and raced my friends around the track.

We played for about an thirty minutes,  then we went to start the corn maze.  Before we went into the maze, the staff talked to us about checkpoints in the field.  There was fifteen checkpoints.  Checkpoints are points where you are suppose to find them all before you come out of the maze.  We were told not to touch the corn and to look at the map if you needed help.

Mom showed up a little later at the farm.  She found us in the corn maze!  We were with Savannah’s dad.

The corn maze is a15 acre labyrinth.   The maze consist of 3 puzzles within 5 miles of winding pathways.  The map showed an bird’s eye view of what the maze looks like from the sky.  Here is a picture of the three puzzles from the sky.  

We found two checkpoints and came back out of the maze accidentally.  Since it was hot, we decided not to go back in.

Mom took my picture with some of the wooden art that was around the farm.  Here are a couple of them.   Don’t I look happy???

The staff let Savannah and I go to the playground while our class was still roaming around the corn maze.

When they got back, it was our turn to bounce on the jumping air bounce, called the “Pumpkin Bounce” (I think).

Anyway, they asked all the parents who would come and bounce with the children and my mom was the only bravest one to let herself be embarrassed to bounce with us.  My friends were calling her ‘big momma’ and asked her to pop corn them on the bouncy pumpkin.  Mom accidentally busted my lip when she jumped in the air and I was too close and her elbow hit me right in the mouth!

After all the bouncing, we were all starving, but we had to go discuss plants with a staff member.  She talked about how corn grows, and how sun can sneak through the clouds with UBA and UBB rays.  She also said that the corn needs sun and carbon dioxide to grow.  (carbon dioxide is toxin to humans), but the corn turns it into oxygen that we need!  It also gives us food.  She said that the corn gets sent to a processing plant and then to Food Lion, where people buy it in the store.

Mom and I picked our OWN corn this year and canned it, so we didn’t have to buy ours at Food Lion.

Next, (still haven’t gotten to eat lunch) but we get to go on a hay ride.  I was STARVING!  (we are used to eating at 1030am).   The hay ride took us around the farm and told us (on speakers) about the history of the farm.  It has been in the family for lots of generations.  The farm grows strawberries, asparagus, and pumpkins and other things.  It has a store to buy home made ice cream (I had some pumpkin ice-cream today for the first time).  They sell jellies, bread and lots of pumpkins!

Finally, after the hay ride, we got to eat lunch!  Mom bought some drinks and ice-cream at the concession stand and I ate my lunch that I brought.

My class hurried up and ate their lunch and raced back to the playground!  The moms and dads hung around the picnic area and talked (too much!).

We got to pick out our own pumpkin and then Mom and I went over to the pumpkin patch to buy one for the boy scout camp-out.  I have to carve a pumpkin there.  The free one was too small for me.

I had a lot of fun at Gross Farms.  There was a lot to do and I really had fun getting to play with my friends (and my mom) on the farm.


About dannywillett7

I am 7 and in 2nd grade. I like to go camping with my mom. I always try to take my bicycle. We are camping in all of the cities that start with the letter "A" in NC right now.
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