Camping in Hiddenite, NC

Hiddenite Campground


Hiddenite Campground, Hiddenite, NC

I got out of school about 230pm to start my adventure to Hiddenite, NC.  It took over 2 hours to get there!

When we got there, we picked a campsite behind the pavilion of the campground, which was behind the farm animals (pigs, goats, rabbits and miniature horses).   There is even a famous pig there that saved a family from a house fire.  He was in the house and woke everyone up before the flames took over the house.  He now lives like a king at Hiddenite Campground!

Our campsite sat right on the bank of the Yadkin River.  It wasn’t the BIG river, but a vein that forked off through Hiddenite area.

Here is our campsite.  This is a shot of the river behind our tent.

Mom and I put up the tent.  (it was not easy this time for some reason).  To make things a little harder, Mom’s window in her truck, came off track and was stuck.  We hoped it wouldn’t rain that night.

I explored the area on my bike.  I found an arch bridge, the bathrooms – which was a pool area.  I also checked out the farm animals while riding my bike.

   Some of the farm animals in the campsite.

For supper, we grilled potatoes.  Mom wrapped them up in foil and threw them in the fire (not on top of the grill.. IN the fire) while we unpacked and put up the tent.  Then, we cooked our steaks on a refrigerator grill.  That is all they had for us to use as a grill over the fire pit.  It worked well.  We sat the table, and could NOT find the knife, only plastic forks and spoons.  Here’s what that looked like!

            finger lickin’ good.. WHERE is our Knife???

Where are our napkins????

The campsite was sponsoring “Camp FEAR” for Halloween.  So, at dark, we went to the pavilion and had some hot coco and apple cider and sat by the bon fire.  There was a hearse there with a sign that said:

I didn’t get this until AFTER the haunted trail!

At dark, we went on a hayride-nothing scary there!  We could hear the river running along the trail.  The hayride dropped us off at the beginning of the haunted trail.  There was a lady there (WEIRD) that told us a story about her son, Daniel — HEY.. that’s my name!–.

Daniel was like me that he got picked on at school.  But, not like me, they tied him up to a tree and let bugs and snakes crawl on him.  (so the story goes).  His daddy was a dentist and tried to fix his mangled face but it was never pretty and kids picked on him about his face.  Then, she called Daniel to come out and we saw him.  He wanted to make friends with us.  The girl that was with us in our group was scared of him and wouldn’t look at him.

Daniel took us into a house (and disappeared, leaving us) that was NASTY!!!! There was poop all over the toilet and when we walked by it skirted ‘pee’ on you.. (it was really just water, but got mom’s camera all wet).

Then, we walked through the woods and people jumped out at us.  They were afraid of my glo stick, which was my protection since I was just a kid!  We saw the dentist and he tried to fix our teeth with his drill and we RAN out of there.. We went through a corn maze and people were sticking their hands through the corn trying to grab us.  We went through a rock maze and asked the chain man what way to get out and MOM trusted him and I kept trying to pull her arm to go the other way (which was the right way) and of course, we came to a dead end..  ( 2 times!)… we finally got out of there and went through a wall that squeezed us so hard that we could barely fit through.  There was a mental hospital with white walls and weird people,  strobe light room with spooky girls, and there was a 3-d clown room.  The clown kept asking me if I wanted to play.  I asked, ‘play what?”  Then, she ran off, bouncing a ball, where I couldn’t see her.  She was saying, ‘come on slow poke’ and we kept seeing gross toys with bloody stuff hanging off of them.  There were a lot of different rooms, but the last one was my favorite.. the vortex.  It was spinning and it looked like I was spinning, instead.

When I came back through it the 2nd time, it was the same as the first time.  Then, we went to a picnic table to rest our legs because this took over an hour.  My dad called on the phone and mom talked to him and I went to the vortex to take a picture of it.  A monster jumped out and scared me to death!  I did get his picture though before I ran away!

me in the vortex.. I’m in white.


After the excitement, we went back to our campsite and started our fire.  We had collected sticks to get it started before we left.  So, it was all ready to begin.  It got cold really fast!

We lit our fire and put the grill over the logs and cooked hot chocolate with marshmallows.  It was perfect temperature and warmed us up a little.

Here’s a picture of our little fire.

Since it was such a scary night, we pushed our mattresses together in the middle of the tent… just in case.  There was that skeleton man running around, pretending not to be real AND we could hear screaming coming from the haunted trail till 12am.   So, mom’s mattress decides to deflate during the night, putting her on the cold ground and mine stayed hard and I was toasty warm!  (just to mention.. I am the one that blew up the mattresses this time.. just sayin’)

Chapter II

In the freezing morning, we put on our shoes and rushed down to the bathroom.  Then, we made another little fire.  We had cereal and milk for breakfast.  We went to take our HOT showers and came back to take down our tent.  That’s when Mom noticed we had a flat tire.  I suggested that we pump it up with my bicycle pump and guess what… it worked!

We took one last ride (mom walked and I rode my bike) around the trail.  There was a cross and a bench within a view of the Yadkin River.  I can understand why someone built that there, to have a peaceful place to pray.  I told mom that they must be Christians there.

As we were leaving, we drove toward Alexander.  That is the city we were suppose to be exploring on our trip.  We found out it was 2 MORE hours away, the opposite way to home… so that was a big, fat  NO!  Instead, we chose to explore Hiddenite.

We went to the Emerald Hollow Mine.  It was featured on National Geographic.  It is a real mine.  We sloshed 3 buckets.  One big one and 2 small ones.  We found lots of pretty gems and rocks.  Mom found a geo!

There was a mascovy momma duck there with her 2 baby ducklings… wanna see?

Here are some pictures of the sloshing.  We did not go to the creek and do ‘creekin’ because we were starving!

  at the Emerald Mine!

Finally, it was time to go home and find something for lunch! But on the way to find lunch, we ran across a Hiddenite Musuem.  We had to stop!

The name was Hiddenite Center and it was a four story house.  We look at all of the floors and I took pictures of the dolls for Grandma to see.. Here are the pictures of some of the dolls.  Grandma, you may like these!

Dolls at the museum.

We stopped close to Statesville and ate at Boxcar Grill.  It was really good.  Mom had San Jose Fajitas and I had cheese Quesadilla.  Here is the picture of the place we found to eat.

That is the end of our adventure in Hiddenite.  I hope you will go and check it out for yourself!  It’s worth the trip!  Go in October so you never miss the haunted trail.. (Friday and Saturday till midnight).

Things I learned;

Hiddenite is the name of the city but it used to be called White Plains before a man named Tom Hidden came and found gems in this area.

Hiddenite is used to make jewelry.

I learned what a hearse was and what it does.

I got to see the Yadkin River up close.  We camped on the bank of it.

I learned a lot about gems and rocks at the gem mine.  I learned what a Geo rock was and want to cut ours.

How to bake potatoes in a fire and how to make hot chocolate.

I learn that rose bushes had thorns and look before you step in.

That you HAVE to put the screw top on the mattress hard if you don’t want it to leak air.

I learned about the history of Hiddenite and lots of facts at the museum.  The man that owned the house, cut the house 2nd floor off, LIFTED it and then added a 2nd floor, making the old 2nd floor the 3rd floor.  He was a diamond dealer.

I went to my first haunted trail and learned that it was scarier than I thought it could be.


About dannywillett7

I am 7 and in 2nd grade. I like to go camping with my mom. I always try to take my bicycle. We are camping in all of the cities that start with the letter "A" in NC right now.
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7 Responses to Camping in Hiddenite, NC

  1. was a good time, wasn’t it?!

  2. I LOVED reading your blog! It made me feel like I was there – and it made me wish I WAS there! It sounds like such a fun trip. Thanks for sharing your adventures

  3. Sounds like you guys had fun

  4. Beth Korte says:

    You are so very very talented! I have shared your blog with all the workers from the haunted trail they will be so glad that you had such a good time!!!!
    Beth (Mom of the pretend Daniel)

  5. Wendy Korte says:

    You wrote a terrific blog. My sister even read it, she lives in Minnesota and commented on what a good job you did. We are happy you were able to attend and enjoyed our campground and trail!

    Wendy (one with the M&M golf cart) and Jim (tractor driver)

  6. Lee Whisnant says:

    lol well that was really cool i enjoyed it alot and just incase u wanted to know about the clown tht scared u at the vortex that was me just figured id give u a lil jump good job lil man keep up the great work!!!!!

  7. chopcolin says:

    Sounds like you learned so much…what an adventure!! Love the posting keep up the awesome work Danny.

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