Camping at Whippoorwill Campground, Beulaville, NC

My mom picked me up at 1pm from school and we went home to get the camera and the GPS cord that she forgot.  Then, we drove 2 hours and 30 minutes to Whippoorwill Campground, WHEW!!  I read about 5 books on the way to pass the time.

When we got there, we picked a tent site on the wood-line.  It had about a million ant beds everywhere.  I rode my bike around then I came back to the campsite and helped mom blow up the mattresses.  We found rocks in the woods to make a fire ring pit and collected twigs to make a tee-pee of wood in the fire pit for when we start the fire.

After all the work was done, Mom and I explored the campground.  She walked and I rode my bike.  We met one of the staff, Peggy, at the beginning of the campsite.   We also walked down the Bridle Trail and came to a fork.  We were going to go on when mosquitoes started coming out (and swarming MOM) and then we rushed back to our tent and played ‘Family Farm’ board game IN the tent where there were no mosquitoes!

We started the fire, after dark, and all the mosquitoes seem to be gone.  We ate ham and Colby cheese sandwiches with chips and sour cream and a Pepsi!  (yum).. Our fire was about 3 feet high at the beginning when it first started.  It was a perfect fire UNTIL the wind started blowing.  Then, we heard thunder and saw lightning coming.  Our fire was getting out of the circle, so Mom dumped all of the ice water in the cooler on the fire, THEN she poured out each water bottle to stop the fire, but it did not stop the fire.

We hurried to the bathrooms and came back before the rain.  The cowboy’s bathroom had very bad floors and they were sticking up so much, you could BARELY shut the door!

JUST as we entered the tent, it started raining “tap tap tap”.. It was so loud we could barely hear each other talking.  The thunder and lightning came across the sky and was very loud too.  The fire… it kept on burning.

I called Grandpa to tell him about the lightning and rain.  He said there was a severe weather storm coming over our area.  We kept our shoes on in case we had to dash out of the tent and run for the truck, but we didn’t.  The tent didn’t leak… MUCH… it did  little drops here and there.

We went to bed and slept as it got colder and colder AND COLDER outside.  It was our first cold night this year.  This was  our first camping trip during a thunderstorm too.

When we got up, we ate donuts and Pepsi for breakfast!  YUM YUM.. Since everything was wet, we decided to go for a walk on the trails after mom put it all out in the sun to dry.  I rode my bike.

We hiked on Spur Trail to Mid-Spur Trail to Quarter Horse Loop Trail 1 and Quarter horse loop trail 2.. then we turned left on Rodeo and went about 15 feet and turned around and went about 20 feet.  We went back to Quarter Horse Loop 2 to Q.H. Loop trail 1.  We got on Mid-Spur Trail and then we took a unknown trail to the right to see if it would take us back.  We were following the sounds of a dog barking and it was getting closer.  We ended up at the field right behind our tent.

We went to our tent and had a snack.  Then, we packed everything up that had dried out a little.  We cleaned up our fire ring and started the 2 + hour home.  On the way home, we visited Albertson, but the only thing in that town was a MHP – which I  found out means Mobile Home Park and a gas station.  Albertson was our town that we took the trip to visit.  We are going down the “A” cities in NC.  We stopped at Billy Bob’s Bar and Grill on the way home which was in Seven Springs.

I got a chicken filet with tomatoes and bacon.  We took pictures outside on the sign.  FYI:  They do not sell batteries, in case you stop in for some!

Here they are.

Things I learned on this trip:

I learned how to use hand signals on my bike.  (right, left and stop).

I learned how to listen to sounds (dog barking) to find my way back home on a trail.

I learned to NEVER touch the tent while it is raining.  It WILL leak!  (Mom’s mattress touched the tent and it leaked water on her sheets).

I learned to never go on a trail without a map, when possible.

I tried to learn ‘game ethnics’ during the monopoly game we played in the tent.

I learned horses can turn just by their owner telling them which way to turn.  Horses are very smart.  They can stand there through a storm.

I learned that wind makes a fire burn faster and harder.  Rain doesn’t ALWAYS put out the fire.  I learned how to find and make a fire ring.

I learned that there is only a MHP (and what those initials mean) and a gas station in Albertson.  REALLY! Honest!



About dannywillett7

I am 7 and in 2nd grade. I like to go camping with my mom. I always try to take my bicycle. We are camping in all of the cities that start with the letter "A" in NC right now.
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