Camping near Alamance, NC

We went camping on August 10th, 2011 at Cane Creek Campground near Alamance, NC.

When we first got there, I got to pick out a site for the tent. We put up the tarp and then the tent on the tarp so the water wouldn’t come in the tent. It started raining RIGHT when we got the tent up for about 3 minutes.

I started riding my bicycle around the loops of the campsites and had a wreck because my tires were flat. Mom found Natalie, the owner, who pumped up the tires for me… Actually, it was her husband that cranked the pump to get it started, so we could pump up the tires.

Then, we took pictures of all the signs and nice picture taking places. I was in most of the pictures. I did take some pictures of mom too.

We checked out the bath house and the bathrooms. The men’s said “BULL” and the women’s said, “Heifers”! I didn’t know what a heifer was!

We walked down to the pond at sunset and watched the bats catch bugs. We listened to the bull frogs croaking.

I rode my bike around for awhile and mom started a fire. We had a nice camp fire. I tried to cook a banana on a stick over the fire. It didn’t taste too bad. Mom promised to bring smore’s the next time!

There was no grill there, so we had plan ‘b’. Lunchables and fruit. (don’t forget the chips and spicy salsa!).

We took a ride into Alamance, the next morning to see it. People had told us it was only as big as a Wal-mart parking lot. We found it was a little bigger.

We went to Alamance Musuem of History and took a tour of the Holt’s homestead. We’ll have pictures soon. It was very interesting!

Then, we went to the Alamance Battleground. It didn’t smell so good in there! But, we watched a movie about what happened on that battlefield. We also got a tour of the James Adam’s house. It was the original house that was moved there in one piece.


About dannywillett7

I am 7 and in 2nd grade. I like to go camping with my mom. I always try to take my bicycle. We are camping in all of the cities that start with the letter "A" in NC right now.
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One Response to Camping near Alamance, NC

  1. Crystal Willett says:

    we had a lot of fun, didn’t we?!

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