Camping near Ahoskie, NC

My mom and I started camping in the “A” cities of NC. Since we could not find a camp ground in Aberdeen, we just visited it and spent the day hiking around the town.
Our next town was Ahoskie. Again, there was not exactly a campsite in Ahoskie, but very close. We chose to stay in Rocky Hock Camp Ground. The address is, Rocky Hock Campground, Edenton, NC. Here is some information about the campsite:

Basic Tent Sites (no water or electricity) are $12.00 per day for 2 people, each additional person is $2.00 per day.
Located on 25 acres of high, sandy land Rocky Hock Campground provides its customers with a quiet, secure camping experience in the beautiful Rocky Hock area.

They day we went there, it was cold and windy. We decided to pitch our tent on the stage, since we were the only ones there. This would help in case it rained. We tied the tent down extra strong with ropes on the stage boards. The wind was so strong that it broke the tin roof and flapped ALL night. We hardly could sleep through that.

It also had a game room area that had a little heat in it. We watched some TV, ate our supper there, which was peanut butter, jelly and chocolate chips sandwiches.

I rode my bike around the campsite. It was really sandy and the wind was blowing the sand in my eyes. It was hard to see. I had to chase down some of the tent bags for mom, because the wind blew them away. It almost blew in the woods by a big ditch! It probably would have gotten stuck in a tree if I hadn’t caught it.

Here are some pictures of the trip:

This is the sign to get into Rocky Hock Campground.


About dannywillett7

I am 7 and in 2nd grade. I like to go camping with my mom. I always try to take my bicycle. We are camping in all of the cities that start with the letter "A" in NC right now.
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One Response to Camping near Ahoskie, NC

  1. Crystal Willett says:

    this was a cold and windy camp night… I don’t think we got much sleep, did we?

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